Installation on Perlmutter (NERSC)

Perlmutter is a high-performance cluster at NERSC.

Its compute nodes are equipped with 4 A100 NVIDIA GPUs.

Installation of FBPIC

Setting up Anaconda

  • Type the following lines to prepare your environment.

    module load PrgEnv-gnu cpe-cuda cudatoolkit python
  • Create a new conda environment and activate it.

    conda create -n fbpic
    conda activate fbpic
  • Deactivate that conda self-activates its base environment. This avoids interference with the system and other package managers.

    conda config --set auto_activate_base false

Installation of FBPIC and its dependencies

  • Install the dependencies of fbpic

    conda install -c conda-forge python numba scipy h5py mkl cudatoolkit=11.7 cupy
    MPICC="cc -shared -target-accel=nvidia80" python3 -m pip install --force --no-cache-dir --no-binary=mpi4py mpi4py
  • Install fbpic

    python3 -m pip install fbpic

Running simulations

Interactive jobs

In order to request a node with a GPU:

salloc -t 00:30:00 -N 1 -C gpu --ntasks-per-node=4 --gpus-per-task=1 -A <account_number>

Then cd to the directory where you prepared your input script and type

module load python cudatoolkit
source activate fbpic
python <>

Batch job

Create a new file named submission_file in the same directory as your input script (typically this directory is a subdirectory of /global/scratch/<yourUsername>). Within this new file, copy the following text (and replace the bracketed text by the proper values).

#SBATCH -J my_job
#SBATCH -A <account_number>
#SBATCH -C gpu
#SBATCH --time <requestedTime>
#SBATCH --ntasks <requestedRanks>
#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=4
#SBATCH --gpus-per-task=1

module load python cudatoolkit
source activate fbpic


srun -n <requestedRanks> python

Then run:

sbatch submission_file